Oct 1st 2021: ADJUGO Teamcoaches refresher day
TeamGrowing coaches inspire each other with new exercises and experience

On Friday October 1st, the TeamGrowing coaches had their first refresher day, one day offsite in the beautiful  Kloosterhotel Zin in Vught (NL).

Students from the TeamGrowing training reunited for a refresher course with new exercises and the opportunity to exchange experience and tips.

Odoo • Image and Text

The hoolahoop exercise

Careful and detailed instructions by management do not necessarily give fast and good results..We experienced it hands-on, literally,  in this short exercise.

Tryout of the ACT worksheet

We know what we want to achieve. But we quite often fail to move, blocking ourselves. This worksheet helps in uncovering how we sabotage ourselves in reaching our goals.

Odoo • Text and Image

Dobby was there as well, Linda's dog, showing us how to lead as a manager when the collaborator knows more about the technical side of the job than you do. All Dobbie needs to track somebody is a tissue with body smell (a worn sock will do nicely, thank you Wouter), the manager needs to provide the goal (find Wouter) and watch the environment, such as traffic.

Dobby and Natasha got on really well as you can see. But later, Linda asked Dobby to focus on the task ahead and Natasha could try and get his attention with all might, he did not budge from his target...

And we ended with the compliment shower... Writing on a sheet on the back of the person, you can show your appreciation.

Next session: May 13 2022...
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