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EnAct your Future

Despite all your efforts in preparing, planning, and explaining, your teams sometimes seem unable to live by their ideals. In this workshop, we investigate how we hold ourselves back. What do we avoid in the inside world (thoughts, ideas, feelings)? And how does this become manifest in the outside world (what we see and how we act)?

Becoming aware of our self-defeating behaviors and their cause helps us find better ways of achieving our goals.


Intervision is a simple format and structure for peer coaching, in a small group of professionals andbased on equality. Intervisiontriggers experiential learning, and helps develop a learning culture in the organisation.

 Come, learn, and be triggered to introduce it in your company.

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From 30/11/2021 16:00
To 30/11/2021 18:00


+32 (0)474 891 705

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