Training: set people in motion

Change is the new constant. As a leader, you need to support people who start to move. 

Help build a safe environment where team members help each other.

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Set people in motion

You can get people moving when you convince them, touch their hearts and /or prepare the environment. Not by pushing them.

The training provides you with insights. Do not deal with resistance. People are motivated by different messages. You all too often try to repair things as a leader instead of letting people find out.

And you learn how to do things differently, how to listen actively, how to adapt your message to different people, how stop giving advice and stimulate your team to find out for themselves.

The seesaw reflex

You will find out: the harder you push someone to change, the stronger the reaction against that change. 

"You should eat less meat, that is better for the planet. And it is better for your health."  Does not work if somebody tells you. You know it is true, you feel a small pang of regret inside. But you do not change your behavior.

Other approaches do work. People need to feel you listen to them, to focus on the positives, remember past successes. This builds internal motivation.

TeamGrowing teaches how not to deal with resistance, and motivate instead.
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Do not try to fix everything

Do your team members always turn to you for advice? You feel you have to provide all the answers?

This may come as a surprise: the team leader is not the answer man or woman. But it is a big trap you can walk into, particularly if you really know and love to explain.

But your team needs to figure out stuff for themselves. They should not depend on you for technical knowledge. 

Part of TeamGrowing: how to avoid the reparation reflex and help the team become more autonomous.

So our habits are wrong?

Exactly. You really know best. Your team know you know best, they know you like to help them. So they ask...

But you want to let them learn, figure it out for themselves. So maybe you do not provide the answer, but ask a 'wicked question'. You ask open-ended questions and reflect. Or use a different technique.

Because that is what the TeamGrowing training does. Give insights in what works and what does not. Shows some counterproductive mechanisms in place. And provides a number of tools to have in your backpack and apply when needed.

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The training

The training is probably different from any you already have experienced.Highly interactive, you will experience the effect the different approaches and exercises have when you will apply them yourself, in your own context.

The training will immerse you in the mentality of a learning team, a start of the shift in mindset towards an open culture, people-oriented, helping the team function well and grow into taking their own decision, supporting each other and making constructive use of the different talents and personalities in the team.

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