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Learn how to use your talents to become an empathic and inspiring leader

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Why ?

You want your teams to show more initiative, take matters into their own hands, think and act innovation. They are self-organizing, faster and more agile. They are able to realize more, with more fun.

So that as a leader you have more time for your real job, the market, the changes in context, defining organisation objectives,... and spend less time with issues and escalations.

Thanks to this training, you can create a positive vibe in your team, motivate people, inspire. You have impact with your own actions towards your team, and your team has more impact with their work.

Broaden build

You may have experienced it: negative emotions push you down in a negative spiral and a limited tunnel vision. But it works in the opposite direction as well. Positive psychology shows that positive emotions lift you up and you achieve the opposite of tunnel vision: you broaden your view, think more out of the box, and are more motivated to build.

Inspiring leadership is about creating the positive environment and reinforcing the uplifting spiral. 

The reward for the inspiring leader lies in experiencing how people grow, collaborate better, build better products and deliver better service. And are just plain happier, less at risk for burn-out, more fun to be around.

And in what you learn about yourself...
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Empathy and connection

The basis of inspiring leadership is building connection:

We listen to people:

  • How can we really be there for them

  • How can we learn to let people say what they really want to say

  • To create the psychologically safe environment that helps people

We can use the connection we make to

  • understand what is important for people so that we can help them achieve their goals

  • we help others to show more empathy and create a psychologically safe and positive environment

  • we improve collaboration in the team and help them become high-performing

Grow others

Inspiring leaders help others grow. We focus on teams and help them

  • Through forming - storming - norming to performing

  • Through creating a learning environment

  • By finding the right Team Topology and competences

  • By helping create focus and flow

Inspiring leaders do not give all the answers. They help create an environment and a mindset so that the teams can find the answers themselves and grow through learning.
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Create and share a vision

Leaders need to inspire. With a clear vision.

How do I create such a vision? How do I take people along with  that vision? How do I know where others want to go? How do we share the vision and pool our skills to achieve the goal.?

In our positive approach, we look forward and imagine the ideal we want to achieve. As a product or service. And as a way of working, with respect for what each person can contribute.

As an inspiring leader, I also know what dreams my team members have. And where I can, I support them to achieve those dreams


Finally, it is about trust.

Trust is the basis of a psychologically safe environment, the single most important determinant of innovation, Google found.

Trust is what builds teams. It is what builds happiness.

An inspiring leader will be trusted and gives trust.

As simple as that. And as difficult as that.

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